G.overning O.perational D.ynamics

The Universe is the most powerful force in the observable Universe and therefore there is no higher power that we, as human beings, can accurately conceive. The Universe contains an observable, pervasive force that is ever-present and propels galaxies through space, rotates the planets, makes the stars shine, seeds sprout, and gives life where before there was none. There are many names for this force but they all describe the same thing. The Governing Operation Dynamics of our reality; G.O.D. Our conscious relationship to the Universe and this unseen force augments our life force energy through the process of transubstantiation and determines whether this force is working to our benefit, detriment, or combination of both. The decisions we make and thoughts we think determine the causational efficacy of the material phenomena of faith, belief, and action.

By opening up our consciousness through the process of meditation and brainwave entrainment, we allow this energy into our own personal being; it permeates our bodies and flows through us, to others. Group coherence through community interaction and ritual will strengthen or weaken this entanglement. A Quanta is a particle of light and light is energy and it is this energy that binds us to the Universe, each other, and is known as Quantum Entanglement. All living entities are entangled together through this unseen force with light being the binding element and catalyst. With resistance to the understanding and acknowledgment of this higher power, the negative life force will automatically augment our consciousness. Like water and light, this energy follows the path of least resistance. Like electricity, it has both a dualistic nature ( positive and negative charge). Like gravity, it works whether you believe in it or not.